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    Town of Denton

    Working Session

    January 24, 2022

    Phone                  1-240-673-0756

    Conference ID   355 521 029#


    6:30p.m.                Greeting and Pledge


    6:35p.m.               Denton Main StreetDowntown District Plan

    7:25p.m.               Ordinance Review

    • 728 Critical Area Ordinance
    • 729 Critical Area Map
    • 730 Erosion and Sediment Control
    • 731 Stormwater Utility
    • 732 Stormwater Management
    • 726 Property Maintenance 2021
    • 727 Building Code 2021


    7:40p.m.               5001 SHR L.C. – Denton Plaza II Legal Agreements

    • Public Works Agreement
    • Stormwater Management Agreement


    8:00p.m.               Brodie Property

    8:10p.m.               Sound System Quote

    8:15p.m.               WPS Televic – Quote Updates/Specifications

    8:15p.m.               4th Street Park Contract Review

    8:30p.m.               406 Market, LLC – Denton Restaurant Group is requesting 5.5 additional ERU’s for a proposed upscale dining establishment.

    8:40p.m.               323 Market Street Leases

    • Cambio Broadband
    • HotDesk

    8:50p.m.               Dark Fiber Lease Renewal

    8:55p.m.               Industrial Park Debt Extension

                                  Low Income Household Water Assistance Program

    9:00p.m.               Council Comments




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