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    REVISED 8/30/21

    Denton Town Council

    Meeting Agenda

    September 2, 2021


    This Public portion of this meeting will be held on MS Teams. Please click the link below or copy and paste into your address line to access the meeting.

     Phone                 1-240-673-0756

    Conference ID   572 794 556#

    6:30 PM – Executive Closed Session: Discussion of Personnel, and Personnel Matters – By Authority of the Open Meetings Act, Maryland Code Annotated, General Provisions Article, § 3-305 (b) (2014) (1) to discuss: (i) Personnel as it related to hiring and compensation.


    7:00 PM – Regular Meeting

    Pledge Allegiance to the Flag – 7:00 p.m.

    Record of Attendance

    Announcement of Executive Session held early this evening to discuss Personnel

    Approval of Minutes – Regular Meeting – August 5, 2021


    Public Hearing



    Petitions, remonstrances and communication

                        Citation- What New Shop Celebrates 40 Years of Business              

                        CitationMentee of the Year Makayla Bellamy

                        Proclamation – Caroline Goes Purple

                        Sharp Road Park Basketball Court Project


    Introduction and adoption of resolutions and ordinances – Complete copies of all ordinances and resolutions are available for review at the Denton Town Office.

                        Resolution #882 – FY2021 General Fund Budget Amendment – consideration for adoption

                        Resolution #883 – 4th Street Park Community Parks & Playground  – consideration for adoption

                        Ordinance # 721 – Denton Water Main Project – consideration of introduction


    Reports of officers, board and committees

    Unfinished Business

    1. Tyler Holding Lean Position Request
    2. 902 Old Camp Road Public Works Agreement
    3. 323 Market Street Lease – Cambio/Veloce
    4. Dark Fiber Lease – Cambio/Veloce


    New Business

    1. Planning Commission Appointment
    2. Planning Commission Alternate Appointment
    3. Public Works Purchase – 5500 Ram Dump Truck
    4. Public Works Sweeper
    5. Public Works Water Meter Rate Increase
    6. MOU County Emergency Alert System Use
    7. DPD- New Security Door Lock System
    8. Legion Road Left Turn Closure
    9. Discussion on Code updates to 2021
    10. 322 Market Street Presentation
    11. Wheatley Property
    12. WWTP HVAC System Purchase Request




    The next Denton Town Council Meeting is October 7, 2021.  Items for consideration on this agenda should be presented to the Denton Town Office by noon on September 24, 2021.


    Note:          This meeting is online and in person. All or part of the Denton Town Council Meeting may be held in closed session under the authority of the Maryland Open Meeting Act. Please advise town staff of any special needs you may have to attend the Town Meeting













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