Town Funds Explained

Enterprise Funds

What is an Enterprise Fund? An independent account set up to support and maintain the Water and Sewer systems, where operations are financed in a manner like private businesses. 

How is an Enterprise Fund supported? An Enterprise Fund is self-supporting by water and sewer fees collected from Town users in exchange for services provided.  If water and sewer expenses increase, then revenues used to support this fund must also increase.  No other Town funds are used to supplement the Enterprise accounts. 

What does an Enterprise Fund do? It keeps the water/sewer system running using money collected from water/sewer fees, including replacing and installing new water meters.

The most current Water/Sewer Rate Study is available on the Town website. This is used to provide budget and operating costs for the system. 

General Funds

What is the General Fund? A government’s basic operating fund, a fund which accounts for everything not accounted for in another fund.

How is the General Fund supported? It relies primarily on revenues obtained through the assessment and collection of taxes from property, business taxes, personal property, railroad and public utility, hotel tax, and admissions and amusement taxes.  Other revenues come from business licenses, permits, state police aid, franchise fees, other miscellaneous revenues, and outside funding.

What does the General Fund do? General Funds are used to cover the cost of operations for staffing and maintaining a safe and healthy Town.  The Denton Police Department provides 24-hour coverage; Public Works maintains streets, parks, garbage, and special collections; Planning & Codes manages building inspections and property maintenance; Finance handles the accounting for billing, collections, as well as human resources, information technology, elections, etc.

For questions related to Enterprise Funds and the General Funds, please call the Denton Town Office at (410) 479-2050.

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