Parking Meters

Downtown Denton Parking Kiosks

Denton is updating the way people pay for parking downtown. On January 19, 2021, parking kiosks were installed at the 100 block of Market Street and at 2nd Street.

Meters currently take coins only. Patrons parking in these locations will have the added convenience of paying for parking at a kiosk with cash, credit card, or debit card. Make sure you know your car’s license plate number when you pay at the kiosk. The plate number has to be keyed in as part of the process.

In the near future paying for parking at any of the meters in town will be possible with an app as well. Stay tuned for details

Denton looks forward to providing this updated way to pay for parking downtown. Questions about the new service may be directed to the Denton Police Department at 410-479-1414.

Parking Meter in Denton, MD

Parking Meter Kiosk Locations

  • 100 Block of Market St.
  • 2nd Street (between Market St. & Gay St.)
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