Planning Commission

Planning Commission

1) reviews, evaluates, and approves or disapproves plans for subdivisions, and mobile home subdivisions; 2) reviews and makes recommendations to the Town Council regarding proposed changes or amendments to the Denton Comprehensive Plan, proposed text amendments to the Zoning Ordinance, proposed rezoning, proposed changes or amendments to land subdivision, proposed acquisition and development of lands for Town open space or recreation purposes, proposed changes in land use or development arising from local, state, or federal programs or policies and development site plans. The commission meets the last Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. in the Denton Town Office building.


Doris Walls
Kevin Waterman
Dona Sorce
David Burroughs
William Quick
Alternate: Vacant *

End of Term

December 31, 2024
December 31, 2027
December 31, 2025
December 31, 2026
December 31, 2028

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