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May 10, 2022

The Land Use Plan Element

The Land Use Plan describes the preferred land use for various areas of the Town in the context of the vision, goals, and objectives outlined in this comprehensive plan. It establishes a policy framework for allocating land to categories of use (e.g., residential, commercial, etc.) and managing the community’s land resources to address the needs of residents for an environment in which to conduct everyday life. The Land Use Plan intends to establish policies and a spatial organization that supports the goal of a sustainable, productive, and less costly future for the community.

The Land Use Plan accounts for current land-use patterns, including how activities, buildings and structures, travel ways, and public facilities are arranged to meet the needs of its residents. In addition, it considers how built components fit into the natural environment and the role features like topography, streams and rivers, soils, and vegetation play in sustaining Denton’s quality of life.

The concept of “sustainability” expands the perspective from which Denton considers the direction set for improving Denton’s environmental, social, and economic conditions while reflecting its residents’ unique qualities, situations, and aspirations. Implied in the concept of sustainability is the notion that poorly managed resources are vulnerable to a slow-moving disaster scenario where humanity runs out of critical physical resources, overshoots ecological carrying capacity, or is subjected to unforeseen catastrophic events. Conversely, a resilient Denton finds the most effective way to maintain and enhance property values, stimulate business, and provide quality services to its residents. Sustainability also includes preserving the cherished features that give the Town its unique character while conserving land, natural, and energy resources, reducing negative environmental impacts.

A central land use policy shaping the recommendations in the Land Use Plan element is that growth will be primarily accommodated through infill and redevelopment of land currently within the corporate area. The Land Use Plan establishes a land-use platform for promoting context-sensitive urban design and creative use patterns built on the physical, cultural, and social systems that define the place and support its ongoing evolution.

The Land Use Plan divides the Town into planning districts based on the built environment, land use, intensity patterns, and other physical characteristics that reflect Denton’s evolution from a rural crossroad village to a municipal center. They refine the Transect concepts outlined in the Denton Pattern Book and set the stage for incremental growth of Denton through infill and redevelopment. The underlying infill and redevelopment premise is that the planning districts should be allowed to evolve to the next increment of intensity. However, no neighborhood should be allowed to intensify to the degree that it significantly modifies its essential character. The Denton Pattern Book will guide infill and redevelopment decisions, helping to ensure flexible and financially sound context-appropriate buildings that give back for generations.

Implementation strategies include revising development regulations to facilitate context-appropriate infill and redevelopment, ensuring regulations support and encourage local small businesses and local entrepreneurs serving local markets, and prioritizing capital investment on infrastructure maintenance and incremental improvements to resolve neighborhood service issues.




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