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November 30, 2021



Public services and facilities provided by the Town and other government agencies ensure the health, safety, and welfare of existing and future populations. To ensure adequate community facilities and services are available when needed, the Town must continually monitor demand and capacity. Preparation of a “Community Facilities Element” in the Comprehensive Plan is a preliminary step in addressing supply and demand for community facilities and services, including parks and open space, roads, streets, sidewalks, water, sewer, storm drainage systems, police, and fire protection, etc. This element of the Comprehensive Plan establishes Town policies for community facilities and services. It examines existing conditions and recommends actions the Town should take to ensure an appropriate level of investment in facilities and services that meet the needs of existing and future populations and support economic development.


Planning for and the delivery of park, recreation, and open space land and facilities is a responsibility of all levels of government. For its part, Denton has set the objective of providing adequate parks, recreation areas, and open space opportunities equitably distributed throughout the Town for existing and future residents. The Town will continue to partner with the Federal, State, County, and private organizations where appropriate to ensure this objective is realized most efficiently and effectively.

As important as park and recreation facilities are to the community, making them accessible to all, including by non-motorized means, i.e., walking and bicycle, are equally important. Therefore, in addition to land and facilities, planning considerations include enhanced pedestrian access to parks.

Town Officials will work with the Caroline County Department of Parks and Recreation to identify opportunities to develop neighborhood parks, including park facilities to serve neighborhoods east of MD 404 and additional park facilities to serve older central neighborhoods.


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