Water Disruption December 5


Dear Town Residents & Business Owners:

On Tuesday, December 5, starting around 9 pm, water service will be interrupted in the areas listed below. The purpose of this shutdown is to install 4 isolation valves on the water mains at 6th and Gay as well as on Lincoln Street. Once done, this will allow us to isolate a smaller area in the event of a water leak. We expect the interruption to last throughout the night into the early morning hours, and if all goes well, the water service will be restored by 6:00 am. We chose to do this overnight to minimize the inconvenience to our customers.

Areas affected will be:

  • Gay Street between 5th and 10th Street
  • 6th Street between Market and High Street
  • Lincoln Street between 5th and 8th Street
  • 7th Street between Lincoln and Market Street
  • 8th Street between Lincoln and Market Street
  • Church Street between Lincoln and High Street

We will do everything possible to minimize the inconvenience of this shutdown and we thank you for your patience and understanding.

Denton Public Works

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