Town of Denton Notice of Public Hearing – August 4, 2022

The Denton Town Council will conduct a Public Hearing on August 4, 2022, at 7:00 p.m., on the following Ordinance:

Ordinance #735 – Critical Area Amendments – An ordinance of the Town of Denton amending the Denton Town Code by amending Section 128-8 Definitions, amending Section 128-36 Supplemental Use Standards, adding Section 128-42.4 Water-dependent Facilities, and amending Section 128-175 GA Growth Allocation Floating Zone with respect to the Critical Area Program in the town of Denton.

Planning Commission Public Hearing Notice – July 26, 2022, 6:00 p.m. –

SP-22-008:  A request by TRAAD, LLC, for a minor site plan application to construct a multifamily dwelling at 202 North Sixth Street, Denton.

SP-22-009:  A request by Bartley Concrete, for a major site plan application to construct an office and truck maintenance shop at the Denton Industrial Park, 85 Engerman Avenue.

SD-22-002:  A request by Denton Project, LLC, for a major subdivision application to construct 44 townhouse units at 812 Camp Road, Denton.

Public Hearing notices pertain to pending legislation and pending development projects for the Town of Denton. These notices are also advertised in the newspaper for public review.

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