Trash Service Letter from the Denton Town Council


Dear Denton Residents, 

The Town of Denton Council and the Town Staff apologize for the delay in trash service this week that severely impacted a significant portion of our Town. During the duration of the interruption of service, the Town staff has been in contact with the current service provider.  


The Town Staff has also contacted the Town of Easton for immediate assistance and to arrange for long-term contingencies.  The Town has contacted multiple public vendors for emergency services as well as the possibility of serving as a long-term solution if the current contract is terminated.  


The current contracted vendor was chosen after reviewing the submissions submitted in response to a request for proposal (RFP) for trash collection services. Eastern Shore Environmental, a local small business, was chosen to provide the service. The owner-operator had previously worked with providers providing services to the Town of Denton and submitted an affordable bid. The other bids exceeded the cost of the winning bid by two to three times the accepted bid. The significant difference in the bids created between the bids would have created a significant adverse impact on the Town budget by reducing services or increasing the tax rate. 


During the Town Working Session on June 21, 2021, the Council and Town Staff will address the issues with the trash service and the plan going forward. Your concern and feedback are important to the town. Comments can be sent to the council members via email at: 

Mayor Abigail McNinch- 

Councilmember Dallas Lister- 

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