Denton Town Council Appoints New Town Administrator

The Mayor and Council of Denton recently announced they have appointed Scott Getchell of Denton to serve as the next Town Administrator.  Mr. Getchell comes to the town by way of George, Miles & Buhr, LLC (GMB), a well-respected architectural and engineering firm serving the mid-Atlantic region.  Prior to GMB, Mr. Getchell served as Denton’s Director of Public Works for 14-years and is familiar with the town’s government. In addition, Mr. Getchell has over 35-years’ experience in local government operations from both public and private sectors.


Mr. Getchell is taking over for Donald Mulrine beginning September 7, 2022.  Mayor Abigail McNinch stated that Mr. Mulrine has served the town well in his capacity as Town Administrator and will continue in a different role within the town government until his retirement.  She further stated that Mr. Getchell will continue to build on the successes of Mr. Mulrine and bring new innovative solutions to today’s complex issues.  The Council is pleased with this transition of leadership.