A Letter From Mayor Abigail McNinch

April 3, 2020

Last evening the Denton Town Council attempted to conduct our first remote meeting.  We proceeded with care to ensure we held an open meeting that was welcoming and provided full transparency. The meeting was unfortunately interrupted in what can only be characterized as an incomprehensible insult to humanity.  We chose to learn, move forward and become stronger despite this experience. 

The Town’s staff has been tirelessly working to ensure that our residents experience no disruption in service. Our public works department is keeping our town clean, our infrastructure intact, and our water and sewer systems in top working order.   Our planning and codes department continues to assist businesses and projects move forward.  Our police department is in the community every day ensuring needs are met and people are safe.  Our finance department keeps all the wheels moving.  

There are many uncertainties for us all.  One thing I am sure about is that our community is resilient and our special sense of community will prevail. I look forward to the return of our vibrancy where people are shaking hands, giving hugs and gratefully meeting in person as it is meant to be.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay home. 


Abigail W. McNinch