Town Council and Staff

Picture left to right: 2019-2023 Denton Town Council:  Keith Johnson, Lester Branson, Abby McNinch, Doncella Wilson, & Dallas Lister.



term ends 12/31/23


Doncella Wilson:      

Lester L. Branson:

Dallas Lister:

Walter Keith Johnson:  


term ends 12/31/22     

term ends 12/31/24

term ends 12/31/25

term ends 12/31/26




Town Administrator


Donald H. Mulrine Jr.
Clerk Treasurer


Karen L. Monteith
Chief of Police


George Bacorn
Superintendent of Public Works


Philip E. Clark, Sr.
Superintendent of Water & Wastewater Operations


Mark Chandler
Town Administrator’s Aide Lisa Orendorf

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