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date posted: 2/17/2017

Municipal Transportation Funds

The below letter was sent to our Delegates requesting they NOT support reduction in funding to the Municipal Transportation Fund. These funds are used to repair our roads in town.

If you wish to contact our delegates, visit this site.


 To:                Members of the House Transportation and Environment Subcommittee:   

Delegate Tawanna Gaines, Delegate Aruna Miller, Delegate Wendell Beitzel, Delegate Robin Grammer, Delegate Carol Krimm, Delegate Brook Lierman 


From:              Mayor Abigail McNinch, Town of Denton 

RE:                  Request that Municipal Transportation Funds NOT be Reduced 

DATE:              February 17, 2017 


The Town of Denton has received indication that the House Transportation and Environment Subcommittee may be considering a recommendation to reduce local municipal transportation funding in the Governor’s budget. The transportation funds from the State have been the primary funding source for much needed road projects throughout the town and although we have sought other revenue sources, our streets continue to irreparably deteriorate.  


Restoration of the transportation funds will enable us to initiate long put off roadway maintenance including paving, patching, resurfacing, and reconstruction.  Needed wayfinding improvements, ADA compliance, traffic calming design and safety improvements projects continue to be deferred as any funding we do have must be allocated to rudimentary maintenance. 


Our town has many competing needs and this year’s priority was to fund one of three frozen police positions which required a tax increase.  We were forced to transfer $150,000 from our General Fund to support our highway fund.  At this point, indications from the State show that in order for us to maintain constant yield for this fiscal year we will need to raise taxes by three cents. Our property values have deteriorated for the third consultative time and with decreasing revenue road projects will once again be delayed.  


We strongly urge that you advocate that transportation funds for all municipalities are NOT reduced in the Governor’s budget.   





Abigail W.  McNinch



CC: Delegate Carl Anderton, Delegate Jeff Ghrist, Delegate Jay Jacobs, Delegate Steven Arentz.

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