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Town Council and Staff

- Government


Abigail W. McNinch: term ends 12/31/18


Dennis D. Porter: term ends 12/31/17
Lester L. Branson:

term ends 12/31/19

Dallas Lister term ends 12/31/20
Walter Keith Johnson term ends 12/31/21


Town Administrator Donald H. Mulrine Jr.
Clerk Treasurer Karen L. Monteith
Chief of Police Rodney R. Cox
Superintendent of Public Works Philip E. Clark, Sr.
Superintendent of Water & Wastewater Operations Mark Chandler

Planning and Codes

Town Administrator's Aide Lisa Orendorf
Terms of Office of Town Council

The Denton Town Council are elected one per year in rotation, for a five year term. The mayor is an incumbent Council Person, chosen every year by vote of the Town Council.

Town Council Terms


Proclamation Request


Ordinance Adopted - pending Codification:

   Ordinance #674 – Vacant & Abandoned Properties Ordinance – Introduced 3/3/2016 - Tabled 4/7/2016 - consideration for adoption 5/12/2016.

    Ordinance #675 – Water Table Ordinance – Adopted 4/7/2016 - Effective 4/14/2016

Ordinance #676 – Sewer Table Ordinance – Adopted 4/7/2016 - Effective 4/14/2016

Ordinance #677 – Zoning Definitions Amendment – Adopted 4/7/2016 - Effective 4/14/2016 

Ordinance #678 - General Fund Appropriations - Fiscal Year 2016 - Introduced 4/7/2016. Scheduled to be balance and submitted for considered for adoption on May 12, 2016. Public Hearing scheduled for 7:00PM on May 12, 2016